Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Our first year as homeowners

This post is 2 days late, but this weekend J and I celebrated our first anniversary in our house! Can you believe it's been a year since we became homeowners for the first time? Looking back, we really have made quite a bit of progress this year in making the place more "us", so without further ado, here are some superlatives of our adventures this year.

1. Most refreshing: replacing all upstairs carpet, putting in a new shower and getting the master bathroom re-tiled (previous owners had a cat, so this was much needed)

2. Most warming: holding our housewarming, complete with new furniture and a pool table.

3. Most amount of painting over a three day period: when my mom, J and I painted our master bedroom, ceilings, and guest bedroom.

4. Most likely to require a gas mask: Spray painting the patio furniture

5. Why my mom is awesome: she painted the kitchen while we were at work

6. Biggest contrast: when I painted the bathroom cabinets a dark brown to add contrast.

7. Most artistic: Making my blue canvas artwork for the dining room.

8. Most thematic: Throwing our 17.5 hour Harry Potter marathon

9. Most necessary: painting the trim in the master bedroom, bathroom, and guest bedroom.

10. Most transforming in the furniture category: Refinishing the coffee table.

11. Super-woman moment: Replacing the pantry door, including getting it home in my Corolla.

12. Most illuminating: installing recessed lights in our kitchen

13. Whitest: repainting the kitchen ceiling and trim

14. Best deal: buying awesome dining room furniture from a friend of the family

15. Most unifying: brightening the trim on the main floor.

16. Largest paint job: de-beige-ifying the basement

17. Most tech-y: installing a wireless switch

18. Most carpentry: Making a new mantle

19. Most disastrous: My attempt at taking down the wallpaper in the powder room

20. Most satisfying (outdoors): Removing the monkey grass and cleaning up the backyard

21. Most amount of wall-patching: Repainting the guest bathroom gray

22. Most satisfying bathroom remodel (not requiring re-tiling): updating the guest bathroom

There were many, many other updates to our house, and the house tour tab goes through extensive before and progress shots. But I think I hit the major ones. It is our home, and we love it. I look forward to many more happy years together in our first home.


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  1. I love it! Happy 1st Home Anniversary!! I definitely remember all of the posts and updates as I scrolled through these 22 "Big Moments" from the past year in your new home. What a wonderful way to remember all you've accomplished ~ congrats!