Sunday, April 1, 2012

Getting organized... mood board, closets and intercourse

I've been busy, but I will try and start where I left off last post. Remember how I destroyed our half bath? Well, I have been working with a contractor in designing our new bathroom. Here's a mood board with some ideas I have had based on the things I have seen and liked for the space.

I haven't decided on the faucet yet, but I did really love the Caesarstone for the countertop. We considered the idea of a vessel sink, but I think both J and I prefer an under mount sink. And I really like how modern the Kohler Verticyl looks. The faucets are both Kohler Purist brand. The toilet is a low gallon flush option from Kohler. The cabinets are Bertch Osage, which we can custom order for our space. We are planning on the taller height cabinets as well. I am not sold on the wall color yet, but it gives you an idea. 

In other news, I have been organizing things around the house. Here is how my closet was looking last week (before the organizing). 

I was having a hard time seeing around my door so I ended up removing the door completely. I am hoping to replace it with a nice curtain (I've already spotted one on Pottery Barn that I like). The closet is already more functional than it was with the door, and I went through and donated the clothes I don't wear anymore to my parent's church's clothing swap.

Ahh... much better. Although, I desperately need to organize some of the other closets in our house as well. I am hoping to tackle some of that this week. 

I went up to PA to visit my parents and my mom and I took a trip out to Lancaster county (Blue Ball, Intercourse and Bird-in-Hand to be more specific). Don't you just love those Lancaster county names? We went shopping and looked in some antique places, but I didn't really find anything I loved enough to take home. But here are some fun photos from the trip. 

And for those of you that linked here from facebook ... you know that I pre-occupied with something else this week that, for privacy reasons, I am not sharing on this blog. But that has been pretty exciting too! 

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