Sunday, July 17, 2011

Our Harry Potter Party... harry-er than ever!

This weekend, we threw the party that has beat out every other party we have thrown... meaning it was 17.5 hours long... no, I am not kidding. We showed all 7 Harry Potter films starting at 7:30 AM. Luckily, we have been planning this party for quite some time, so we knew what we were getting into. We had Harry Potter decorations, food and drink. And saw more Harry Potter in one weekend than is healthy. But we all had a good time celebrating the end of this series with our friends.

I'll start with food... in terms of sweets, we served Licorice wands, chocolate wands, every flavor beans, chocolate frogs and cauldron cakes.

Licorice Wands
Ingredients: black licorice sticks, white chocolate chips, and white sprinkles

1. Melt the chocolate chips in the microwave approx 1 minute (make sure not to overheat or the chocolate becomes unusable)

2. Dip the licorice in the melted chocolate and then rotate in the sprinkles. Put on wax paper to cool.

3. Serve on a bed of M&Ms.

Chocolate Wands
Repeat the steps above with chocolate and pretzels, but use more chocolate per pretzel.

Bertie Botts Every Flavor Bean
I just used Jelly Bellies in a Mason Jar. :)

Chocolate Cauldrons
1. Prepare chocolate cupcakes (I added some chocolate chips to mine)
2. Let cool.
3. Mix frosting with green food coloring

Chocolate Frogs
So, there is actually this great Deli right by our new place that sells chocolate frogs, which are awesome!

For drinks, I did make butterbeer, which actually turns out to be liquefied sugar, but tastes awesome.

1. Put two teaspoons of butterscotch topping in the bottom of a cup.
2. Squirt some whipped cream over the butterscotch.
3. Fill the cup with cream soda.
4. Stir & serve.

We had a tea time with "Slughorn's tea". We also later served elf-made wine & muggle beer.

For breakfast, I cooked Hagrid's Rock Cakes, which turned out to be like a moist-er scone.
Recipe was found here.

For lunch, we served Fleur's Cream of Brie soup with a baguette and french salad. The Cream of Brie soup was found on MuggleNet.

There were only four of us at lunchtime, and the amount of soup was perfect for 4. Here's some shots of the presentation (and one of our guests)

For dinner, I made shepard's pie (Hogwart's Shepards Pie) as well as chicken and mashed potatoes. We served a salad and two of our friends brought some homemade bread. It was very delicious and rich. I found the shepards pie recipe from Mugglenet as well: link. For the chicken, I bought a rotisserie chicken, cut it up, and simmered it for 4 hours on heat 1 with BBQ sauce and peppers and onions.

We also had snacks, courtesy of our guests who brought things (thanks guys!). We renamed the Buffalo Chicken Dip to Dragon Dip, which was coincidentally served during the 4th movie. We also had peppers in the Gryffindor colors and a chicken and bean dip (none of which I made).

And a final shot of our goodies on the table with some of our decorations, which will lead nicely into the decorations portion.

For decorations, I borrowed ideas from numerous places as well as creating some ideas myself. I made a sorting hat out of lunch bags that I taped together (google: how to make a witch's hat out of construction paper and modify for lunch bags instead). I bought ribbons for all the house colors cut small strips of ribbon, tying the house colors together (Gryffindor: scarlet & gold, Slytherin: green & silver, Hufflepuff: yellow & black, and Ravenclaw: Blue & Bronze). I then had guests select a house by pulling out a ribbon pair out of the sorting hat.

I also had an impulse buy of a talking sorting hat from Toys R Us (yes - I am sometimes a 5 year old).

I placed Mason Jars of potions throughout the entertaining area.

The potions were water with food coloring in them except for the Veritaserum which was supposed to be a colorless, odorless liquid (water) and Gillyweed (garden weeds in water). I actually used two twigs from outside to make wands by sanding them down.

I placed quotes from the books on nice paper (left over from the wedding) that was printed using the Harry Potter font I found on Mugglenet and tied in place with ribbon.

I made brooms out of lunch bags by cutting them into strips and tying them around a shim.

Displayed Galleons (which were actually also chocolate).

And house ribbons.

I also made my shirt which reflected the 3rd Harry Potter movie by saying "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good".

And now some shots of the party!

me & my friend Stevie

Watching some Harry Potter

And the 17.5 hours of films. 

All in all, a very magical party! Thanks to all of our friends who joined us this weekend! We saw the last movie this morning, which means that we saw all 8 movies in 28 hours. And yes, I did love the last movie. A lot. 

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