Sunday, June 5, 2011


So, this weekend, we hosted a housewarming party for some of our friends. It turned out really well, and I figured that while the house was all cleaned and decorated, I should take some pictures of more than just our updates upstairs. We received our new living room furniture last week, which was super exciting. I love the way it looks!

I think I will probably paint an accent wall in blue in there to pull it all together, but that will be for later.
This is our dining room as of right now.

I loved the way our kitchen and outdoor patio came together. The new umbrella was a birthday gift from my in-laws! I love the color and how it looks.

The citronella hanging candles were crafted (by me) with mason jars that I wired-wrapped and hung with ribbon around our patio. I found little citronella tea lights at Bed, Bath and Beyond, which were perfect to put in the jars. I loved the look and it was super easy (and cheap). It was really easy to find crafting directions by googling mason jar lanterns. I used 18-gauge wire that I found at Michaels, but I also bought 16-gauge for slightly larger mason jars that I plan to put on the downstairs patio. I also loved the way our drink cart looked. The drink on the left was a mint mango iced tea that I found on the home & gardens website:

And as I have not shared other pictures... here are more photos of the house:
Pool Table (my husband's favorite room)

Finished bathroom remodel:


Second guest bedroom (pull out couch):

My desk should be arriving this week! So, more photos of the sitting room to come. :)
And I will leave this post with one final photo of the cake J got for me! It was delicious!


  1. As a post-note here, I was asked about the cake... therefore here are the details:

    Heidelberg Bakery is awesome. Best bakery in Northern VA.

  2. Loved everything. Are you the new Martha Stewart?

  3. Loved the cake - hope you enjoyed eating it!