Monday, November 7, 2011

Getting ready for Thanksgiving

I did something I never thought I would be old enough to do. I volunteered to host Thanksgiving for our parents. It should be interesting. Luckily my mom and J's mom will be helping with the cooking! Coincidentally, my in-law's friends are moving to a new house and were selling their dining room furniture. I had been considering buying a dining room set, but it is just so expensive that we had not. Other priorities I guess. Anyway, we were able to buy this great dining room furniture from our family friends. We hired a moving company to get it down here (which is another story altogether that I would rather leave out of this happy post). We bought the table, four chairs, hutch and sideboard. Here is how it looked. I put one leaf in the table for now since I know that is what I will need for Thanksgiving. 

And here is our dining room with some decorations. I'm really excited to put our wedding china in the hutch and start using all our pretty wedding gifts! I'm so happy with how gorgeous the furniture looks in here!

We also bought one of their side tables, which we really needed for the living room!

And our faithful kitchen table found a new residence in the kitchen. Some of you may know the history of the kitchen table, but for those who don't this table was the table my dad bought just after college for his first place. This table has moved around quite a bit and is still getting use. The chairs are from J's parents. They originally were used with their kitchen table. I like our vintage setup in the kitchen.

We also decided to buy these two pictures from our family friends. I decided they would work well in our upstairs hallway. They are really pretty and look great with the wall color.

It feels like the house is really coming all together! It's hard to believe!

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