Sunday, February 26, 2012


Remember the lighting problem I have been trying to solve? Since my hard wiring solution didn't end up working out... I decided to go another route and stick to my wireless roots. I bought this guy from Home Depot (online only) after doing some research on wireless light switches.

After reading through the instructions, I went ahead and switched off the power to the basement. You should always do this when you are doing any electrical wiring.

This is the basement switch that I was replacing with my wireless switch (on left) with the wall plate unscrewed.

I unscrewed the switch from the switch box. I used my voltmeter to check that their was no voltage going to my box after I had the switch out. I was 99% sure that it was (no lights in the basement), but I don't like taking chances.

This is my new switch. I detached the switch from the wall plate, which I used later.

I then used the wire nut to screw the green ground wire to the copper (bare) wire, which is the circuit ground.

Following instructions. I connected the other two wires to my new switch. I made sure the screws were nice and tight and the wires were held secure.

And screwed it into switch box.

I then tested my circuit by turning on the power to the basement and the breaker box. This switch required a little bit of setup/programming to get it working, but it didn't take much time. The switch has a little wireless control that you have to synch up to the switch. Once that was done, I followed instructions to attach the remote to the wall. Below is the guide from the instructions for the screws. I used a level to make sure everything was nice and lined up.

The screw anchors where the screws will go.

And the installed remote with wall plate to make it look fancy.

And here is a quick video of my remote turning on the downstairs lights for me.

The remote uses wireless and does not need line of sight to communicate with the switch. So, now I can easily turn on the lights upstairs and no longer need to walk into the darkness. Yay! All of the smart home technology is pretty cool, I must say.

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