Sunday, October 16, 2011

A birthday, an anniversary and a door

This weekend, J and I celebrated both his birthday as well as our 2nd anniversary! I wanted to share the beautiful bouquet he got me!

Isn't he a sweetie? The bouquet is very reminiscent of our wedding. I carried a bouquet of ivory roses and calla lilies and the church was decorated with blue hydrangeas. :)

We also had lots of fun celebrating his birthday. J even took two days off of grad school, which was such a treat!

Also, this week, to follow up on the apple picking trip, I baked some apple muffins, which were delicious (if I may say so myself). I found the recipe here.

 This weekend, well, more specifically, today, I decided to tackle the pantry door. This was a rather impulsive fix as I suddenly decided I had had enough with our accordion door.

I did some research on various door options. I wanted French doors for the pantry, but they didn't come in width I needed (36"). I could custom order doors, but that would have been pretty expensive. So, I decided on bifold door from Home Depot. We have them throughout the house, so I thought it would also fit the "door theme" in the house. After some manipulation to get it in the car, I got our new door home.

And installed it. I basically used the instructions. And it really wasn't too bad. Plus, J got done grad school work early and was able to help me with some of it which helped. The tile in the kitchen has a little extra height, which made getting the door into the spot a little tricky, but I managed to get it in there.

It needs to be painted, so that will be the next task, but we much prefer the look of the bifold door to the accordion one. Blends in much nicer now. My parents and I will be working on the kitchen lighting next week, so stay tuned!

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