Friday, May 20, 2011

The brightening of the kitchen

This post is utterly dedicated to my mother. She came down to visit this week while J (my husband would prefer his full name to not be mentioned, so this will work) was on travel for work. She asked if she could help by painting while I was at work. J and I had decided on a pale yellow color in order to brighten the color from darker beige. I am planning the pale yellow with blue accents in the kitchen.

First, let's start with a before shot (it was actually darker than this photo suggests):

After priming, I felt like I could finally see in my kitchen while cooking (yes, the lighting also needs to be fixed):

My claim to fame was the the behind-the-fridge work which I did after I came home:
My mom then painted the next day. I think it turned out more white than yellow, but it certainly accomplished the room brightening, which was the plan.

Of course, now that the walls are so pretty, I want new stainless steel appliances... Ahhh... it never ends! I will post with all the decor once we have a kitchen table, our blue and white curtains and a hutch. :)

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