Sunday, January 29, 2012

Basement: De-beige-ified

This week was extremely busy for me. I had at least one thing every single day this week (in addition to work that is). By the time I got to this weekend, I was absolutely exhausted. Nonetheless, J and I managed to finish up painting the basement this weekend with our second coat of Urban Nature (3rd coat overall).

So, here she is... all painted and put back together. Actually, I am waiting at least a week before hanging anything on the walls or have anything touch the walls. They need time to fully dry out and harden. Hence why the bookshelf is away from the wall. I am sure I will have decorating updates soon. I plan to replace the curtains downstairs, so I didn't bother hanging the old ones up.

This green is the richest color we have used in the house so far. We really love it. It is light enough so that the basement doesn't seem dark, but it is also bold. I am looking forward to further decorations down in the basement. As a hint to anyone else painting in a darker color, I found using a damp magic eraser worked better than a wet paper towel on the ceiling when I made mistakes. Although, it is better not to make any mistakes. I also used a small craft paint brush (maybe 1/4 inch wide) for tough to reach spots. It takes a while to paint everything, but it looks better that way.

This paint job of the basement has taken up the majority of our past three weekends, so I am super happy to have this task off our plate. I declare this room officially de-beige-ified.

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  1. I spent saturday painting as well. Me and 10 volunteers painted a Habitat house...1200 sq feet house, two coats...and were home by 1 PM. Its fast when there is no trim. Just cut in the ceiling and roll.