Friday, May 20, 2011

Caution: don't breathe in the fumes!

So, it started out innocently. I just wanted to change the color of our deck furniture...

And to my credit I almost succeeded. 

First... I created a space to spray paint, which included multiple drop cloths and cardboard boxes on our deck. 
Step 2... I sanded down the furniture. This removes the rust (or mostly gets rid of the rust) and creates a clean, smooth surface. (Below pic is pre-sanding)
Step 3... I primed with a rust-protection spray paint (Rustoleum works, but I used stuff by Sherwin Williams)
Step 4... Spray paint, I sprayed the chairs about 6 inches away from the chair in circular motions to cover the chairs and server. And I loved the results.

So, what's the problem you ask? Well their were 2: the amount of time spray painting to get good coverage and also the amount of spray paint necessary in order to get everything covered because of all the holes in the furniture. I wore a mask. And I was outside, but I managed to seriously hurt my entire sinuses. I actually did everything except for one of the chairs and the table before I just couldn't spray paint any longer. Long story short... I had to go to the doctor who informed me that I should not spray paint any longer. So, although the improvements are fantastic, my father-in-law volunteered to finish the job for us (hubby is getting over a sinus infection). 


  1. I am learning so much ;-) Many do's and don'ts for our new home!! Also that I should call Uncle L if I need any help with things!

  2. hahaha! Yup! Do you guys have pictures of your new place?