Monday, July 21, 2014

State of the bump

It's about time for me to do some updating. It's been almost a month?!? What? I don't even know how that's possible. We've been having a pretty good July, despite the fact that I am slowly turning into Jabba the Hut. Seriously.

Some highlights... going to the fireworks locally (this is the first year we have actually been in the area for the 4th), going to see the Lion King (which was totally awesome), and another baby shower thrown by my MIL's friends. I meant to take pictures, but I totally didn't. Thankfully, my mother in law took a few before the shower.

3 of the 4 hostesses.

They did a lovely job and it was a very nice shower. We feel very blessed by all the love. They also did a book theme, so we now have a ton of great baby books to read to the baby! :) Good times.

Now that the showers are done, we have been able to finish up getting the last minute things we need and get them set up throughout the house. We have baby areas on the first and upper floors.

Baby gym on the first floor.

Other play things (books, toys, etc)

Stroller ready to go


Moses basket. I figured it would be good to have a place to sleep on the first floor since we have the pack and play set up in our room. Of course, if he likes sleeping in it, we can always relocate it to our bedroom. Also, breast pump stuff is currently on the dining room table because I haven't figured out where to put it yet. I did sterilize everything this past weekend.

Completed nursery. We are still waiting on a bookrack from Pottery Barn Kids. I ordered it in May, but apparently they want to wait until the baby is in college to deliver it. Sigh. I love our new elephant hamper though!

So, we're pretty well setup. I have my hospital stuff together, although not actually in a bag. I don't feel very near labor, so I'm not too concerned, but I'll probably be throwing it in the bag between contractions. haha. I've actually enjoyed being local this summer. Normally, we are doing a billion trips over the summer, and it's rather nice to be able to see friends, go to the neighborhood pool and hang out.

The popular question seems to be how am I feeling. I feel very pregnant. It's the last month... end game. So, basically everything hurts and I'm uncomfortable. But, that's pretty typical. Still dealing with the gestational diabetes. It hasn't been terrible, but I do sometimes get some high numbers, which are always upsetting. My doctors wanted to start me on medicine, but I have been having a lot of heart palpitations and the medication and palpitations don't really mix well (you aren't supposed to be on beta-blockers and glyburide at the same time, apparently). So, I am doing my best with the diet. The heart thing is fine (for those in the medical field, I have been having lots of PVCs), and I got an echo for it (woo - another ultrasound, but not of the baby!). Today, I found out the peaches I have been eating from Wegman's may be contaminated with listera (they issued a huge recall which includes Costco and Trader Joe's - check it out). So, I've been completely paranoid about that. All this microwaving deli meat, and it's the fruit! Urgh! Also, I'm a bit swollen, but my blood pressure seems okay, so whatever. One day at a time... Getting closer!