TitleAuthorDate CompletedLiked?
Little WomenAlcott, Louisa May March 2011
Divine ComedyAlighieri, DanteHigh School
Sense and SensibilityAusten, Jane March 2011Y
Fahrenheit 451Bradbury, RayApril 2012Y
Wurthering HeightsBronte, EmilyFebruary 2011Y
The Da Vinci CodeBrown, DanCollegeN
One Fifth AvenueBushnell, Candice2009N
Ender's GameCard, Orson ScottWinter 2012Y
Speaker for the DeadCard, Orson ScottMay 2012
XenocideCard, Orson ScottMay 2012N
The Perks of Being a WallflowerChbosky, StephenOctober 2012Y
The AlchemistCoelho, Paulo2007-2010Y
Hunger Games (3 book series)Collins, SuzanneWinter 2012Y
A Lever Long EnoughDeardon, Amy2009-2010N
The Red TentDiamant, Anita2008-2010N
Great ExpectationsDickens, CharlesHigh SchoolN
RebeccaDu Maurier, DaphneWinter 2012
Invisible ManEllison, RalphHigh SchoolN
The Great GatsbyFitzgerald, Scott F.High School
something borrowedGiffin, Emily2007-2010
love the one you're withGiffin, Emily2007-2010N
something blueGiffin, Emily2007-2009N
The Kitchen HouseGrissom, KathleenWinter 2012Y
Water for ElephantsGruen, SaraMay 2011
SarahHalter, Marek2007-2008N
Mary of NazarethHalter, Marek2008N
firefly laneHannah, Kristin2009N
The Scarlet LetterHawthorne, Nathaniel High SchoolN
The Kite RunnerHosseini, KhaledCollegeY
Brave New WorldHuxley, AldousMarch 2012Y
The Mermaid ChairKidd, Sue MonkCollegeY
A Wrinkle in TimeL'Engle, MadeleineChildhoodY
To Kill a MockingbirdLee, HarperHigh SchoolY
The Chronicles of Narnia (7 book series)Lewis, C. S.ChildhoodY
Space Trilogy (3 books)Lewis, C. S.Fall 2010Y
The Screwtape LettersLewis, C. S.High School & Winter 2012Y
Screwtape Proposes a ToastLewis, C. S.Winter 2012Y
The Great DivorceLewis, C. S.Fall 2010Y
The Pilgrim's RegressLewis, C. S.Fall 2011Y
Till We Have Faces: A Myth RetoldLewis, C.S.Fall 2011Y
The GiverLowry, LoisChildhoodY
SonLowry, LoisNov 2012Y
MessengerLowry, LoisNov 2012Y
Gathering BlueLowry, LoisNov 2012Y
WickedMaguire, Gregory2008-2009Y
AtonementMcEwan, Ian2007N
On Chesil BeachMcEwan, Ian2009Y
Breaking DawnMeyer, StephanieFebruary 2011Y
EclipseMeyer, StephanieFebruary 2011Y
The New MoonMeyer, StephanieFebruary 2011Y
TwilightMeyer, StephanieJanuary 2011Y
Death of a SalesmanMiller, ArthurHigh SchoolN
The Time Traveler's WifeNiffeneger, Audrey2010Y
The Things they CarriedO'Brien, TimHigh SchoolN
1984Orwell, GeorgeHigh School & Winter 2012Y
Every Last OneQuindlen, AnnaSummer 2010N
The FountainheadRand, AynHigh School
Her Daughter's DreamRivers, FrancineAugust 2011Y
Her Mother's HopeRivers, FrancineAugust 2011Y
Mark of the Lion Series (3 books)Rivers, FrancineJuly 2011Y
A Lineage of GraceRivers, FrancineJune 2011Y
Redeeming Love: A NovelRivers, FrancineJune 2011Y
The Atonement ChildRivers, FrancineWinter 2012
Savor the MomentRoberts, Nora2007-2009
Bed of RosesRoberts, Nora2007-2009
Vision in WhiteRoberts, Nora2007-2009
Worth the Risk Roberts, Nora2010N
DivergentRoth, VeronicaFeb 2013Y
InsurgentRoth, VeronicaFeb 2013Y
Harry Potter (7 book series)Rowlings, J. K. 2007Y
The SoloistSalzman, Mark2002Y
The Lovely BonesSebold, AliceCollegeY
Snow Flower and the Secret FanSee, Lisa2008N
The No. 1 Ladies Detective AgencySmith, Alexander McCall2007-2009N
Morality for Beautiful GirlsSmith, Alexander McCall2007-2009N
The Full Cupboard of LifeSmith, Alexander McCall2007-2009N
A Tree Grows in BrooklynSmith, BettyHigh School/CollegeY
The HelpStockett, KathrynSummer 2010Y
Bergdorf BlondesSykes, Plum2009N
The HobbitTolkien, J.R.RSpring 2011Y
The Lord of the Rings (All 3)Tolkien, J.R.RSpring 2011Y
The Color PurpleWalker, AliceHigh SchoolY
Cocktails for ThreeWickham, Madeleine2009N
The Glass MenagerieWilliams, TennesseeHigh SchoolN
I am Charlotte SimmonsWolfe, TomCollege


TitleAuthorDate completedLiked?
The Constants of NatureBarrow, John2006-2007Y
Electric UniverseBodanis, David2006-2007
Heaven is for RealBurpo, ToddFebruary 2011Y
How Long, O Lord?: Reflections on Suffering and EvilCarson, D. A.Fall 2011
The Language of GodCollins, Francis S.Fall 2011Y
Nickel and DimedEhrenreich, Barbara2003N
BossypantsFey, TinaJune 2011
Anne FrankFrank, AnneMiddle SchoolY
The Lexus and the Olive TreeFreidman, Thomas L2003
Eat, Pray, LoveGilbert, Elizabeth2008-2010N
BlinkGladwell, Malcolm2006-2007Y
Living at the Crossroads: An Introduction to the Christian WorldviewGoheen, Michael and Bartholomew,CraigAugust 2011Y
UnbrokenHillenbrand, LauraApril 2012Y
The Reason for GodKeller, TimothyFall 2011Y
King's Cross: The Story of the World in the Life of JesusKeller, TimothyFall 2011Y
Seeing Through CynicismKeyes, DickApril 2012Y
Dancing on my GraveKirkland, GelseyCollegeN
The Extravagant UniverseKirshner, Robert2006-2007
God and Steven HawkingLennox, JohnMay 2012Y
God's UndertakerLennox, JohnSeptember 2012Y
The Abolition of ManLewis, C. S.August 2011Y
Mere ChristianityLewis, C. S.December 2010Y
Surprised by JoyLewis, C. S.Fall 2010Y
The Four LovesLewis, C. S.Fall 2010N
MiraclesLewis, C. S.Fall 2011
The Weight of GloryLewis, C. S.July 2012Y
1776McCullough, David2009-2010
The Dawkin's DelusionMcGrath, AllistarMarch 2012Y
Dawkin's God: Genes, Memes and the Meaning of LifeMcGrath, Allistar ESept 2011Y
Darwinism and the Divine: Evolutionary Thought and Natural TheologyMcGrath, Allistar ESept 2011Y
Mere ApologeticsMcGrath, AllistarOctober 2012
Heros for my Daughter/td>Meltzer, BradNov 2012Y
Blue Like JazzMiller, Donald2010Y
The Gospel in a Pluralist SocietyNewbigin, LesslieFall 2011Y
PledgedRobbins, AlexandraCollege
LuckySebold, AliceCollegeN
The Wisdom of CrowdsSurowiecki, James2006-2007Y
The Lost World of Genesis 1Walton, JohnNov 2012Y
NightWiesel, ElieHigh SchoolY
The End of ReasonZacharias, RaviAugust 2011Y

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