Sunday, April 1, 2012

Palm Sunday and April Fools

Happy Palm Sunday everyone! J and I got up this morning, went to church, and then decided to tackle some yard work. Yesterday, I planted the pansies that I picked up last week. Here is what our yard looked like on Saturday morning.

This year, in addition to some potting soil, I decided to add a little fertilizer and plant food for the flowers.

I only got 6 pansies. As you will see, I need a few more flowers this spring.

Here's how it was looking Saturday evening.

So, after church, J and I decided to get some mulch and get our front looking a little more spruced up. When we got home, we ended up deciding to get rid of the monkey grass. All of it. Here's why: we didn't like it. We tried living with it throughout the past year (can you believe we have been in our house almost a year?). Throughout the course of the year, we have continually thinned it out and gotten rid of some of it. But, after looking at it a full year, we decided that enough was enough. So, J did most of the hard work and dug it all up and I came in after to clean it up. I actually didn't even have to ask. I was starting to dig it out, and J asked if he could try and then proceeded to do the whole job. We joked that it was like the commercial from Home Depot that is running on TV a lot right now, where the guy is sucked out his window and starts gardening. :)

Anyway, with J's help, our front was looking a lot better this afternoon.

And here are some close-up's.

The monkey grass was extremely difficult to get up. All of the roots seem to grow together making uprooting it extremely difficult. Even after J had gotten rid of all the visibile monkey grass, I was still painstakingly pulling up the roots on my hands and knees. And I have no doubt in my mind, I will have to continue to pull up the monkey grass that survived in root form. This, along with the sermon at church this morning, reminded me of the changes God has been making in my life. I think it started with Him getting my attention to the strongholds in my life. My doubts and fears, and the things that I had been using as distractions, that had begun to show through in my life in real ways. It was a dark place to be in, and I have seen that, as God has gotten rid of these things in my life, the roots sometimes stick around. But perseverance eventually leads to the place where God can plant new seeds of life, so that maybe one day His Spirit will shine through my life. It reminds me that grace is not a one time deal. Grace is a continuous life change. I am hoping to use the places where the monkey grass was to plant something new, something beautiful.

Today was also April Fools day. Our house decided to play a little joke on me, so that was cool. It started with the bathroom fan breaking. My thoughts were, "no biggie. I will find a replacement motor." Well, I did find a replacement motor on our trip to Home Depot. So, after we had finished in the yard (and I ate 3 bowls of ice cream), I decided to tackle the fan. Here's what the old one looked like. Gross, I know.

And here's the new one in its box...

It actually never got installed. I did manage to remove the old motor. However, the nail that holds the motor box to the stud was completely rusted and impossible to remove. After some frustration, I called my dad, who said he could bring a metal cutter when they come this week.

So, for now, our bathroom's fan is dismantled. Awesome.

Onto the guest bathroom... this will likely lead into another post, but I am trying to re-paint the guest bathroom. However, the guest bathroom has some problems with the walls. One of the previous owners successfully removed the wallpaper in the room, but did not smooth out the wall before painting. Someone also removed a medicine cabinet and didn't do a great job of patching the wall. So, before I paint, I am working on smoothing the walls. As a result, our guest bath is currently looking a little worse than it did before.

That will continue as a project this week. In case you are counting... this makes 3 bathroom messes in one week! Don't act like you aren't impressed.

PS - Check out YHL's April Fools Post! The post is a joke, but the toilet is real, which made me laugh quite a bit today.

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