Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Final balluster post!

Okay guys, second half of "things that were accomplished this weekend." I am finally done the ballusters! I definitely did not imagine that it would take me until May to finish this project when I started it back in December.

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Anyway, this is the final installment. Since this set was on carpet, I decided to skip the sanding step and use de-glosser and primer on the dowels, which worked very well.


After (1-2 coats of primer, 2-3 coats of semi-gloss - Sherwin Williams):

After the ballusters were completed, I also decided to tackle the door to our bedroom. I had picked up a new oil rubbed bronze door handle from Home Depot recently. So, before painting the door, I removed the old bronze door handle, which made painting easier.

I think the key with painting doors is using a foam roller and then using a small brush to touch up and get into crevices. Since the door was a peach color, I didn't need to prime it first. The Sherwin Williams cabinet and trim paint seems to cling really well without it.

An hour and a half later (I watched Pitch Perfect), the door was done!

I love the way it looks without the peach trim. Now to tackle the other 4 upstairs doors...

It's actually amazing how fresh paint can really brighten up the house. :) So sick of the peach trim.

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