Thursday, May 16, 2013

3...2...1... Water!

Wow, it's been a while. I do apologize. I went up to visit my parents last weekend for Mother's Day, and then just have not been as "on top" of my home improvement projects as I should have been. One update (?) we had was that our downstairs mini refrigerator broke. Well... not so much broke as got broken. So, J had noticed that there was so much frost in the freezer that it was pushing open the door. And decided to chisel away at the ice. And broke the freon line. So, note to others, make sure you defrost your fridge by turning it off and not chiseling away at ice, not that I am particularly blaming J. I didn't really know before this incident either. :) It actually gives us a little more incentive to make that mini-bar area a little nicer than it is currently. I have ideas.

Anyway, last summer I mentioned wanting to get an automated timer watering system going for our front yard. Our spigot is a little hard to reach and it gets tedious keeping things watered. And as a result, the flowers start to wilt as you can kind of see from these photos.

I ordered a water timer and a sprinkler hose from Amazon. The hose can be pointed up for sprinkler or down for soaking. For now, I am setting the timer to run once a day in the AM for 20 minutes and can always up that as it gets warmer.

I laid out the hose so that it reached a good portion of the plants.

And did a trial run. Worked well!

So, I went through a buried the hose a little into the ground/mulch. You can still see it running across the front steps, but I don't really have a solution for that right now and it may stay like that unless the hoa complains (I guess I could always spray paint that section of hose beige?). I am hoping this will help our flowers stay looking nicer this summer!

I hope my readers have all been doing well. Did you watch the last episode of the Office tonight? I'll admit a shed a few tears.

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  1. Cathy, I can't even talk about last night's The Office.. I told Mark I felt like "I was going through a break up" once the episode ended. I definitely shed some tears, too! It was like Friends ending, all over again :P