Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Trim update: upstairs hallway

Over the past few weeks, I have been re-vamping the trim upstairs. Like most of the trim in this house, it was a peachy-beige color when we moved in. I have slowly been transforming it to white, but it is a tedious process. I have outlined in previous posts how I use a piece of metal along the carpet to protect it from damage. I continued using this technique to get the trim right. I don't use tape because I think it takes too long, but that's a personal preference type of thing.


The stairs were already painted.


Then, I decided to tackle the hallway of doors (this is as you turn right up the stairs).


After (view from guest bedroom)

You can kind of tell in the photos above that I missed one of the doors. This is true, but I just didn't have the time this week and I needed to clean up the house for stuff we have going on this weekend, so it just didn't happen. So, that will be a project for a later post. Probably when I tackle the remaining peach trim upstairs. At this point, the last holdout is the office and the bathroom door, so we are definitely getting there. It's looking so much brighter and cleaner upstairs now. It really made a big difference. At some point, we will get around to repainting the walls in the hallway. I really dislike the color of beige they are right now. I feel like they weigh down the hallway. All in good time, I suppose.

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