Sunday, May 26, 2013

Shut the shed door

Happy Memorial Day weekend! I hope all my readers are having a restful and fun holiday. J and I decided to stay in town and get some stuff done around the house and mentally prepare for a busy summer ahead. We also had a fun dinner with J's parents. J offered to help me yesterday and asked if he could do something, so I offered installing a latch on the shed. We had picked up the latch last weekend at Home Depot, but I just never had the time with everything else going on.

Just to give you a picture of what shed I am talking about, this picture was taken last year after my parents helped us clear out the downstairs area. It looks largely the same, except a few more leaves. The shed is on the left. It locks but there is no handle and we don't store anything of value in it (mostly a few yard tools and junk from the previous owners), so we don't keep it locked.

As such, the door kept getting unhinged, which bothered me. I would much rather it shut completely. And for about $3, that goal was achieved.

J installed the black latch such that the door now successfully stays shut!

So, a big thank you to J. It definitely saved me time. I'll get to what I was doing in the meantime in the next post. :)

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