Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A very big potato and a very small hydrangea

Hello all! J and I didn't get around to too many things around the house this weekend. We went to a Wine, Food, and Arts festival on Sunday with some friends. And I would be remiss if I didn't mention the giant potato that we saw there.

This was actually a gigantic truck that was advertising for Idaho Potatoes. As you may have read from last year's trip to Idaho, I am quite fond of Idaho, so it was pretty cool. We have also been pretty obsessed with Game of Thrones (the TV show, not the novels) recently. We have blown through seasons 1 and 2 over the past 3 weeks. It's a pretty entertaining show. A word of warning: there is a lot of violence, far more than I have ever seen on TV or in a movie. And there is also a lot of sex and nudity. If you can get past these things, the plot line is really quite intriguing.

Anyway, I ended up picking up a small little hydrangea plant from Wegman's for about $7. Here is how the front yard was looking this weekend. I am still loving how the mulch is looking. I debated where to put the new plant for a bit.

I ended up putting it here. My plan is to fill out the front more with more perennials. I am hoping our little hydrangea will end up taking root and really thriving. Finger's crossed!

I can't stop taking photos of the little pink blooms.

I also re-potted the spider plant into its bigger pot, where it will have its babies that I can harvest and replant. That was a weird sentence.

I also thinned out (way thinned out) the English Ivy. I had waited too long to do this, so it was hard to separate out part of the plant. But the ivy grows pretty fast, so I am sure it will fill out again soon.

I hope everyone else had a fantastic weekend!

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