Saturday, April 13, 2013

C'ville part 1, the wedding

This weekend, J and I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of friends of ours. C (not sure she would want me to use her name) and I met when I joined her Bible study while J and I lived in an apartment (the one right before we bought a house). J, C, and I became friends through walking around and grabbing local dinners and such. We then met T (C's husband) when he moved to the area after law school. Anyway, about half of my old Bible study was able to attend the wedding, which was a blast! Let me start out by saying that the day started yesterday (the day of the wedding) with thunderstorms and rain. As someone who endured a rainy wedding day, I was praying for a nice day for C. And boy did she get it. The hot and humid weather was completely gone, and it was downright pleasant. Their venue was a winery outside of Charlottesville.

And it was gorgeous! I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

J and I

I loved the flowers in the mason jars along the aisle.

The bridesmaid dresses were from J. Crew. So classy.

C and her dad.

The flower girls were so adorable. Very few of the petals made it on the ground, but they were so sweet.

It was windy. Which caused this problem throughout the ceremony and ended with the veil flying off after the ceremony.

The homily was so beautiful: funny and serious, and giving the glory to God. The entire wedding was Christ-centered and absolutely wonderful.

Bible study/church girls.

I snapped this photo with my telescopic lens while the bride and groom were off taking photos. It is probably my favorite.

The reception was so classy and the food and wine (seriously, the Chardonnay was sooo good) were delicious!

I also adore this photo. Just both of them so happy. :) Also, their first dance was money. They pulled out some great moves.

I teared up over the father-daughter dance. I always do. Also, C's dad and T's dad gave some excellent speeches.

The whole wedding was just tons of fun and so well-thought out. It was a great start to our wedding season (we have quite a few this year).

Many congrats to C and T!

(I was also going to cover our touristy activities in Charlottesville as well, but I am going to opt to cover that in another post just so this doesn't get too long).

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