Saturday, April 6, 2013

Making a bench cushion

I ordered some fabric from the Online Fabric Store in order to make a cushion for my new hutch. It went okay, but not all my stitching was all that straight. I think I need to pick up a few sewing materials if I decide to sew more (like materials to cut straight lines and make markings on fabric). My mom gave me her old sewing machine (circa 1968 or so) when I moved to Atlanta. It's been with me ever since, but I haven't really used it until recently. I learned to sew when I was young from my mother, but my skills are a bit rusty. I expect I will improve over time.

I bought 2 inch foam for the inside material.
My cuts:
2 rectangles 1 inch larger than the foam on all sides.
4 skinny rectangles for the width of the foam (again 1 inch larger on all sides)

I used straight stitches for attaching the skinny rectangles to the larger one. I did it in a way that made sense to me, but most of this is just working out the correct placement of the sides. Make sure to stitch the right side of the fabric together. I made a few mistakes and had to rip out my stitches and start over.

This is about halfway done. The two larger rectangles are attached via a skinny rectangle.

I ended with one side open so I could insert the foam, which I had cut to size using an exacto knife.

I carefully hand stitched the last side (taking care to hide my stitches as best I could. I opted to not make it removable and just spot clean when needed.

The finished product. As you can see, I also scored some baskets from Pottery Barn for the top cubbies.

It's not perfect, but I think it looks pretty good for a first attempt at making my own cushion. I can always recover it if a get tired of the pattern.

So, now, I can officially call our foyer done! Time to get some gardening done. :)

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