Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring Flowers

Spring has finally come around! This past weekend was super nice, and we finally got around to doing some gardening. Our yard was looking like this prior to our work. The mums from last year were all dried up, we had weeds, and it was just looking rather blah.

We picked up some pansies from Home Depot, cut back the mums (I'm hoping they'll rebloom in the fall), and planted some tulips that my parents had brought down over Easter. J also filled in the yard with topsoil. I had been noticing some erosion in places, so it was nice to get that filled in.

We still need to mulch, but the front is looking much prettier. I'm actually kind of worried that the summer-like weather we've been getting over the past few days might melt the pansies. It snowed two weeks ago and it is now 90 degrees? Not really loving this climate change stuff. I'm hoping that it will cool down a little bit so we get some true Spring weather. 

We also had a chance to visit with my friend, Jen, and her boyfriend up in Baltimore. We had a really fun time watching the final four. Anyway, Jen and I had gone to a glass-making workshop about a month ago and she had picked up my work for me (see below). I had to laugh when I saw it. It truly is a pretty ugly plate. The fun part is asking people what they think it is. I've gotten mountains and a turtle. I personally think it looks like a mountain that is excited to see me. I was actually trying to make the state of Virginia. Fail. :) Oh well. We still had a fun time. 

And don't worry. I will cover more topics of failure in my next post (just wait for it).

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