Monday, May 28, 2012

De-treeing the yard

Happy Memorial Day! I hope you all enjoyed your weekends. I actually worked today, so mine was cut a little short, but don't feel too bad. I chose to work today so that I could use the holiday for another day this summer. We have a family wedding to go to, and I know I will be needing an extra day (since I wiped out all my vacation last week), so I opted to work today instead. It didn't really feel like a work day since almost no one was there, so it really wasn't so bad.

Anyway, in my last post, I didn't mention the atrocity of our front yard. Here's what went down: Next to our neighbor's house is this big tree that gets those helicopter seeds every spring. Well, conditions were just right such that the wind blew those suckers down and then it promptly rained for a few days, and we ended up with a forest in our front yard.

Yup... those aren't weeds. They are trees! Well, this was no good at all. We actually probably let them go too long, so that by the time we were home, it was out of control. So, over a few sessions, I worked on uprooting the trees. Weeding is one thing. De-treeing is much more tedious.

But, eventually our yard was looking a lot better. They still aren't 100% gone, but I can take care of the stragglers as I see them. Plus, it was really, really hot this weekend (What is up with that?). It also looks liked our lilies are about to bloom!

Speaking of blooming, check out the hydrangea! It has really gone crazy over the last few weeks! I might have to cut off some blooms for the house! And I have no idea how the colors turned out so well - some blue, some purple, some pink, but I love it! I hope this continues all summer.

In the same vein, our basil plant (not pictured) is doing really well. I actually planted a few of the leaves from a branch that was dying out and the leaves have rooted and are growing! That's all for now folks.

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