Sunday, May 6, 2012

I can't believe I did that...

I hope everyone had a great weekend, Cinco de Mayo, Star Wars Day, etc. Ours was good and busy and went by too quickly, as always. I'll get to the explanation behind the post title in a minute. First, I will update you all on the lastest happenings around here. Our Hydrangea is starting to bloom (sorry for the dark picture - I snapped it at twilight)! I'm very excited to see how it does this summer. 

We also picked out our paint color for the powder room remodel. These are our top choices. We went with the bottom left.

We had narrowed down our choices from about a million, so we were happy to have that decision behind us (and our last choice for the remodel).

Here are some shots of the progress being made. The new drywall is in.

And the plumbing fixtures have been moved to a more appropriate location. In case you don't remember, the water lines were coming in from the side previously.

Okay, we are all caught up. Now, we are back to the point where I can explain my post title. You may not remember that I had planned on painting our master bathroom for a while now. I had even patched up the walls (from the earthquake damage last fall). Well, I finally got around to painting it this weekend. I know what you want to ask... what color did I pick? This feels totally hypocritical considering my de-beige-ifying agenda, but I... chose... beige (gasp). On an already beige wall. Yikes. Here's why: A while ago, I had painted the master bathroom (where the shower is) a blue-gray. I thought it would be good. It isn't. It doesn't really go with the tile and vanity. I considered other options, but really, a beige tone does go really well with the tile. However, I still hated the yellowy beige that was in our bathroom.

So, I went with a more gray/beige. See the contrast? Of course, while applying the paint, I kept thinking, "why am I doing this? It's going to look the same!" But, it actually does make a difference.

Here are some "after shots"

It is no longer a yellow tone, which is a huge plus, and it does actually lighten it up a bit. I am planning on doing the same to the area with the shower, but that will have to wait until I have time. It is nice not to look at spackling compound while getting ready. And it is nice to have the holes from the earthquake patched up. I still can't believe I painted something beige though. Also, I realize it may not be easy to tell the change from the pictures. So, you'll have to trust me.

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