Sunday, June 3, 2012

Impatiens switch out

As some of you may know, J and I were away for most of the weekend (and had a great time). But I decided to do some work around the house when we got home. It's almost like I feel weird if I don't get a project done over the weekend these days. Anyway, our spring plants have been looking a little sad in this hot weather.

So, it was time to rip up the pansies and replace them with some impatiens. Impatiens have done really well in our garden because it is so shaded, so I am looking forward to them taking off this summer. The soil was already really fertilized from my spring planting, so I pretty much just stuck them in the ground and that was the end of it. The soil was still really moist from all the rain, so watering wasn't really necessary either. Although, as I was planting, a little bit of rain did fall (even though it was sunny). Nice little gift from God. :)

Now, back to the inside. I think we all remember these mismatched outlets and switches.

I was talking to one of my friends this weekend, and he mentioned that I really needed to switch these out for white ones. And I did, and it made me really want to get on it quickly, since it was an obvious issue. :) You can see in this picture where I take some paint off the wall (don't worry, I fixed it). This electrical was super easy. Just line up the new connections with the old ones and you are good to go. No degree in Electrical Engineering required (promise). The only annoying thing is that it is slightly time consuming. Also, please make sure to flip your breaker switch if you are doing this at home. Otherwise, you might be in for a shocking surprise! I always double check by plugging in a light into the outlet to make sure.


It really does make a big difference and is much less of an eyesore. And, at around $1 per switch/outlet, it is well worth the money.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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