Monday, August 6, 2012

Who does that?

So, I went to paint the master bathroom this weekend, and guess what I found? If you guessed wallpaper, then you would be correct. I'm honestly confused about how this got past us. I mean, we had a contractor come in when we first moved in to re-do all the tile in the bathroom. But it doesn't change the fact that the previous owners just painted right over top of the wallpaper instead of fixing it. How nice of them... sigh. Of course, you all remember what happened when I tried to fix the problem in the downstairs half bath? Many dollars later we have a nice bathroom, but I didn't necessarily want to make the same mistake twice. 

But, let's back up to why I felt like painting the bathroom. First of all, the ceiling was in bad shape. Also, a lot of these before pictures turned out a little funny. The color on the right hand side is correct. The beige-y looking color is just a weird camera thing. Anyway, check out the unevenness of the ceiling in these two photos. The contractor (the tile guy) didn't do the best job on the ceiling, but I hadn't felt motivated enough to fix it quite yet. 

Here's a little tip I picked up off of pinterest. Covering your paint pan in aluminum foil will vastly speed up clean up time.

So, that was the first job (after pictures later). The second thing was that I wasn't really loving the color I had painted in here last year. It's the same color as the master bedroom, but it seemed to somewhat clash with the beige tile.

The first task was to take care of the problem spots on the walls with spackle. Honestly, the prep work was much more time consuming than the actual painting. I decided not to try and take down the wall paper. I think in the end it would be more effort than it could possibly be worth, so it gets another coat of paint on top of who knows how many others. 

I also wrapped the toilet in saran wrap to protect it since the space was pretty tight and I didn't want to disassemble the toilet.

As usual when painting, I listened to another apologetics lecture. :) Track can be found here for those interested. And here are the "after/progress" shots. I actually blanked on taking a picture of the ceiling, but it is now consistently white.

I think this is the best representation of the new color. It matches the grout of the tile.

I haven't put the mirror back on the wall. I'm still debating the color to be honest. What do you all think? It's okay. J and I are both okay with it, but it's not an overwhelming improvement. So, question 2 is, if you don't like it, what color would you pick instead? I'm also wondering if some wall decor would  really help the situation in the master bedroom. Suggestions welcome.

Now, back to the outside. Look who I found hanging out on our door?

Anyway, after weeks and weeks of us being away, the weeds were out of control...

So, I weeded our front flower bed. 

Our impatients are doing lovely in this warm weather. Even with watering, most of the other plants look like they would like some cooler and wetter weather.

I had left our big pot of impatients alone this year, and the roots from last year sprung up to produce more flowers!

My hydrangea is looking a little dried out this August. But it was also a super early bloomer.

Unlike my mother-in-law's blooms which are looking marvelous! She let me take a few home when we were up visiting this weekend.

Now, back to the title of the post (again). Did anyone else notice Mahoney's super poor sportsmanship last night on the vault? I mean, she still got silver... after falling on her butt. I didn't see the need for the sour puss attitude towards everyone else who congratulated her. (As compared to Gabby Douglas, who after finishing last in the uneven bar finals, said that she was still happy and having fun.) Anyway, other than that, we have been enjoying the Olympics, which seems to make me tear up daily. Hope everyone else is having a great start to their August!

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