Sunday, August 26, 2012

A cornice-y joke...

Q: What did the baby corn say to the mama corn?
A: Where's pop corn?

Okay, I'm done. Hi friends! It's been a while. I apologize for my absence, which was primarily due to 2 things. My latest  project took longer than expected. And I ended up getting sick this past week, which has killed my energy. Nevertheless, I have a new project to share with you all. I started this one last Sunday. Last Saturday, J and I went tubing with friends, which was so much fun. So, my only home improvement time was Sunday. However, all I managed to do was buy the supplies I needed. What did I make? A cornice for my office / our master bath. I was inspired by this blog post I found on pinterest.

1. Fabric ( purchase)

2. 1"x10"x8' board from Home Depot. I cut 6.5 feet for the width of the window. And 2 smaller 6.5 inch sections for the sides.

3. Batting from Jo Ann Fabrics. They had batting in a queen size for people sewing quilts, but that ended up being perfect for this project because it was long enough to cover the whole board.

The fabric was not wide enough to cover the whole board, so I had to piece together 2 sections to cover the whole board. Again, I attached the batting and fabric to the board using my new stapler. I was also very careful to line up the pattern across the board.

I did the same process for the smaller boards.



I attached the side pieces to the back of the main piece using L-brackets (they can be found in the window and door hardware section in most home improvement stores). I drilled through the fabric and batting, which took some effort, but worked out okay.

Once all three pieces were secured, J and I attached the whole thing to around the window. This was honestly the hardest part of the whole thing. We basically had to have J hold the cornice level while I marked where to drill the screw anchors. We also had to have J hold the cornice while I screwed the screws into the wall anchors. But we eventually got it.

Yesterday, I managed to get over to Target and buy some window sheers for under the cornice. We still had the window hardware from the previous owners and didn't have to buy anything extra. Of course, by the time I had everything assembled, I was running a low-grade fever, so I didn't get to blogging until today. In general, yesterday was a pretty bad day for me. I organized a service project for my church, which involved painting a low-income DC school to get it ready for the new school year. Paint fumes + caffeine headache + sinus problems = a bad time. Anyway, back to the curtains.

Here's the final result.

I love the way it goes with the much more expensive Pottery Barn curtains we have in the room already. And it feels great to finally have window treatments in the sitting room.

If I had to do this over again, I think my only change would be to attach the L-brackets to the bare wood and then cover the whole thing at once. But, that is really so that attaching the L-brackets would be easier. I still love the way it looks.

As a side-note, who else is looking forward to fall? I cannot wait for some cooler weather and for some fall decorating around here! For now, I am finally taking it easy and trying to get over my cold.

Hope everyone is doing well!

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