Thursday, August 30, 2012

A little oversharing

Hey everyone! So, no real new project this week. I'm actually a little blocked on which project I want to tackle next. So instead, I wanted to reflect back to the rooms in house and talk about what we've done and what is still left to do. So, without further ado... 

Living Room

What we've done: 
- Painted the bay window
- Painted the front door
- Refinished the coffee table
- Replace curtains
- Bought TV console and furniture

What's next: 
- Paint walls. We really dislike the beige color downstairs. 
- Paint the trim
- Add a rug
- Make furniture for the entryway

Dining Room

What we've done: 
- Bought furniture from a family friend
- Created custom artwork
- Made a shelf for the plates 
- Re-upholstered the dining room chairs 

What's next: 
- Paint the walls (like the family room) 
- I'd love to do board and batten in here. Maybe? 
- Paint the ceiling
- Paint trim
- New light fixture? I think our current one is too yellow-y for my taste
- New Rug


What we've done: 
- Installed recessed lighting and replaced the previous lighting fixture
- Painted the walls
- Painted the trim
- Replaced the pantry door
- Bought a kitchen island 
- Decorated the walls

What's next: 
- Well, in my dreams I would love to replace the cabinets, appliances, countertops, and flooring. So basically everything except the lighting. Like I said, in my dreams. Moving on...

Half Bath 

What we've done: 
- Hired a contractor 
- Replaced the toilet, vanity, countertop, and bath accessories
- New sink
- Painted
- Added decorations to the wall

What's next?: 
- More decorations. Otherwise, we're done. :) 

Master Bedroom

What we've done: 
- Painted the walls
- Painted the trim 
- Added artwork (not shown in this photo) 
- Made a cornice
- Bought a desk
- Replaced the carpet (applies to all of upstairs)

What's next?: 
- Replace ceiling fan
- Install crown molding?
- Make an ottoman 

Master Bathroom

What we've done: 
- Hired a contractor to re-tile the floor and shower and install a frameless shower door
- Painted the bathroom cabinets
- Painted the walls and ceiling
- Painted the trim and doors
- Installed toilet paper holder
- Replaced the toilet flusher 
- Installed a curtain door for my closet

What's next?: 
- Replace the vanities (maybe with something pretty inexpensive)

Guest bathroom 

What we've done: 
- Re-painted
- Built a shelf
- Made artwork
- Tile wall-art
- Installed shower rack and toilet roll holder

What's next?: 
- Replace vanity 
- Paint trim to while
- Paint ceiling to a bright white (It's a little off-white)

Guest bedroom

What we've done: 
- Painted the ceiling and walls
- Painted trim and doors
- Installed new curtains
- Re-upholstered the rocking chair
- Artwork

What's next?: 
- Nah, this room's cool


What we've done: 
- Pretty much nothing. This room is reserved for future baby Z (NOT planned for a while, NOT pregnant in case anyone was assuming anything). Just planning ahead a little and this room will definitely be converted to a nursery so for now, we're leaving it alone. 

What's next?: 
- See above. Moving on... 


What we've done: 
- Painted the walls
- Built the mantle
- Bought a pool table
- New curtains

What's next?: 
- Re-do the mini-bar area including new cabinets, fridge, countertop, floors, etc.
- Paint the fireplace
- More artwork
- Build or buy barstools 

Basement bedroom

What we've done: 
- Bought new furniture (sleeper sofa)
- Bought an elliptical
- Put stuff on the walls. 

What's next?: 
- Like the office, we're not sure what will happen long term, so this room is mostly reserved for future planning. We may spruce it up a little, but it's good for now. 

Basement bathroom 

What we've done: 
- Nothing

What's next?: 
- Hmmm... I'll have to get back to you on that one. Not sure if sprucing this room up is really worth it. 

So, there you have it. The projects we've done and yet to do. I kind of excluded the outside. Sorry. We've given this house lots of love and I am excited to see where we end up. Hope you all enjoyed my little over-sharing post. :) 

Oh - and have a great labor day weekend! 


  1. This is a great post!! I really enjoyed seeing what you've done and what your plans are. I need to do one like this, except we haven't done NEAR as much as you guys have! Also funny, our "office" is also reserved for future baby G. And I constantly have to make disclaimers like that too :)

    1. Thanks Sarah! I enjoy reading your blog and hearing all about your updates as well!