Sunday, August 12, 2012

End of Master Bath Painting

This post is a bit of a continuation from last weekend. We, again, had a pretty full weekend, so I was only able to get to house updates today (Sunday). Before I get to that, I also did a little houseplant updating. My Spider plant was getting a little big (and obnoxious). It had produced some babies that I had planted in the small clay pot and then more that I had put in water, which had since rooted.

So, I decided to gather the babies together into one new plant. I harvested the remaining babies (probably poor word choice), and put them in water before tossing the older plant. Now our windowsill is looking much more clean and bright (especially with the bright yellow pot that I had picked up at Ace Hardware).

Today, I also put the bathroom back together. I needed to do a little more cutting in work to get it looking good. Here are some of the after shots. Unfortunately, the color is still hard to see in these photos. J helped me put the mirror back on the wall.

Here is the best representation of the color.

And some photos of the bright white ceiling.

I would, one day, love to replace the vanity. But all in good time.

In addition, today, I also cleaned the frameless shower doors. If you have these doors, you know that, while they are beautiful, they can be annoying to clean. They must be sqeegeed (sp?) after every shower and they still tend to build up soap scum. I did some online research to find out that fabric softener sheets work perfectly to clean these (as well as other forms of glass). Who knew? So, I wet the fabric softener sheet and rubbed it into the glass (paying close attention to the areas that were more problematic). I rinsed it off with a wet paper towel and then a dry one. After that, I finished them off with Windex. It took a while, but the doors are positively sparkling! I figure I can do that once or twice a year to really keep the doors looking nice. Additionally, I Windex the doors once every 1-2 weeks. Yea, I know, our shower is high maintenance.

After all that was done, I decided to go on a bike ride. I hadn't been on one in this area in about 2 years, so J helped me inflate my tires before I took off. I think part of the reason I don't go out more is honestly because my bike is from when I was in middle school and isn't very fast and is a little too small for me. It doesn't help that J doesn't have a bike to ride with me. Oh well. I still had fun (and got lost - lol). Speaking of good times, J and I went to the Linkin Park concert last night. They had a great set list.

And now, the Olympics are at their end. I always enjoy them, but I am looking forward to spending less time in front of the TV! I am used to running around and getting more things done after work. But I have just been enthralled this time. I have loved seeing so many athletes giving praise and glory to God. That is so encouraging to me, and is a great example to others. :)

That's all for now. I hope you all had fantastic weekends!

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