Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Keeping track of paint colors

This is a short post on keeping track of paint colors that I have used throughout the house. As you might have noticed, we have painted quite a bit this year. To recap...
Master bedroom
Guest bedroom
Master bathroom
Trim (master bedroom, guest bedroom, kitchen, foyer)

So, I gathered together my paint samples together to make a nice way of carrying them when looking for coordinating decorations for the rooms.

I cut them to appropriate size (but made sure to keep the paint color number and brand).

Then, I hole-punched them and strung them together.

And keep them in a handy spot for whenever I am heading out shopping!

Unfortunately, I don't have samples for the existing parts of the house... but it's all beige anyway, so not too much to worry about. I think our next paint jobs are the half bath and to finish the master bath!

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