Thursday, February 16, 2012

insert expletive here

It started last night. We decided to go to our HOA meeting for the first time. The discussion was a new parking permit system. Don't worry, if you visit our house, there is nothing to be concerned about. It is super simple to get passes for people visiting. It just means you will have to stick something on your dashboard. But, the regulations should really help our community from getting turned into the local parking lot (ahh the joys of the DC metro area). However, people were irate. The meeting was turning into a Jerry Springer show. I didn't realize the HOA meetings were so entertaining. I should have started going sooner. Afterwards, I think some of the mob mentality had rubbed off because J and I were both argumentative for no particular reason. And of course, that carried into today when I got up late for work and was then irritated (at myself) for hitting all that traffic. (Okay, I was a little annoyed at the jerk who cut me off too). But, I knew what would solve all that. House productivity! So, after getting home from work, I decided to start working on getting a light fixture installed at the bottom of the basement stairs. There is a perfect place for one. The center of the space is co-located with a stud. That place was made for an electrical box.

And I wanted to run wire from the already installed light at the top of the stairs to my spot so that my light switch would control both lights. (And the bogey-man that lives in the basement when the lights are out could be avoided. Victory would be mine!)

I measured the center spot. I figured that the hole for the electrical box should be about 4 inches in diameter. So I penciled a circle in on the ceiling. And I used my new drywall saw to cut it out make a mess. Speaking of the drywall saw, that was a fun phone conversation with my dad.

Me (in Home Depot): Hey Dad, what do I need to cut drywall? Would you use a drywall saw?
Dad: Pause... laughter... yes, that should do it.

Back to my project disaster. Take a look at my hole.

I have a few things to say for myself. First, I have never cut into drywall before. Second, I did manage to cut a hole in the ceiling, so in that sense, I was successful.

But guess what?

I cut into a closed in box. My little space doesn't connect to the ceiling space up to the first floor. In fact, I cut into the landing of our first floor stairs and the first step. I couldn't run my line. Bummer.

And then another fun phone conversation with my dad.

Me: (explain the situation)
Dad: Well, that happens. You saved the piece of drywall you cut down right?
Me: Well... it's more or less in pieces.
Dad: Well, the hole is a nice even cut right.
Me: Ummm... well... not... exactly.
Dad: You could make it a nice even cut though.
Me: I think I could manage that.

So, instead of a lighting project this weekend... there will be a tutorial on how to patch a ceiling hole. Get excited!

But don't worry, I will defeat the darkness yet. I have already thought of other ideas...

I did get a nice note from my dad afterwards.
"I think I figured out your story. The last riser to the stairs is on the landing above and cuts off your access to the area you need to get to. I really can’t think of a way to overcome that short of taking down a lot of drywall. It would be a big effort.

It is too bad it turned out that way, but does happen sometimes. Don’t let it discourage you. These things happen and is how you get experience."

Thanks dad! 

Oh, and J did tease me a little about putting a hole in the wall... :) 


  1. Did you mean expletive? I'm pretty sure the whole post is an explicative...

  2. Actually, that should be "whole post is explicative," not "whole post is AN explicative."

  3. hahaha. Yes, I did mean "expletive". It was late last night. :)