Saturday, June 25, 2011

Using maps

Do you remember when we all used to use maps to figure out how we needed to get from one place to another? Now, we typically travel with at least 3 GPS devices in the car at any given time. I've been surveying cute map ideas.

I decided to try some of my own map artwork. :) So, mine didn't turn out quite like the photo above (nor am I that good of a photographer). I wanted to showcase some of my old paper maps that show some of our favorite places. I put them up our stairs & I do love them. 

The first one showcases PA where we went to school...

Then, Atlanta where I went to graduate school & J came down a lot to spend time. 

Then, where we live and where J has lived since after school and where he grew up (Yea - This photo includes all of DC and the Metro DC area, so it doesn't really give anything away since this area contains about 5.5 Million people). 

Also, last weekend, I bought a new hook (it's a sickness I tell you). I used to make a toilet paper holder for our half bath. As I have been mentioning before, the color scheme in the bathroom is a little difficult to match, but this goes perfectly. And it makes me smile. :) 

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