Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th!

So, it just so happens that I am blogging again on July 4th as I am watching the fireworks on TV with J. We were up in NY this weekend to celebrate the 4th with J's family at his grandfather's lake house - good times. Last year, we got to see the fireworks on the lake. This year... we had to go back to go to work tomorrow, so TV will have to suffice as we were too exhausted to try and go see them anywhere tonight.

After we got back from our travels (stopping in to see my mom on the way back down), I decided to finish up some more frames for the stairs. My mom hinted that the stairs looked a little empty with just the maps, so I proceeded to print a few pictures of the mapped places to intersperse. All of the pictures were ones that I had taken and I printed them on Paper Source paper I had left over from my days of endless crafting for the wedding.

I like the way it fills in the stairs more. My mom also gave us a painting of San Francisco that I hung in our upstairs hallway.
Thanks mom!

I also realized that I hadn't posted any pictures of my new desk that came in a few weeks ago (finally - ordered it in April!). I love the way it looks and it goes really well in our sitting room.

 Practically sitting on the desk and looking into the Master Bedroom:
 With the chair:
 Looking from the sitting room into the bathroom:
 From the bathroom:

I actually haven't put much in the drawers yet as I have been too busy to get organized. Hopefully soon...

In other news, my mom also gave us an indoor plant that is now sitting on our windowsill. :) It makes me happy.

A very happy 4th of July to you all!

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