Sunday, March 24, 2013

Foyer furniture, finally completed!

Aren't you guys just loving this warm, Spring weather? Oh right, it's been cold and we might get snow! I am so ready for warmer weather. In the meantime, I finally finished the entryway hutch!

Now, a word of warning. These pictures don't really display the color all that accurately. A lot of this is due to the flash making the color seem brighter than it is in real life.

After having assembled the top portion, I primed (1 coat) and painted (2 coats plus touch ups) the piece.

I then finished it with poly to seal the deal. The poly isn't as shiny in real life as it is in the pictures (again, due to flash).

I added hooks and secured the top to the wall. The plans called for attaching the top piece to the bottom, but I decided that would have been really difficult to accomplish and screwing the top into the wall made everything really secure (it's not going anywhere).

 I then added some stuff to hang on the hooks and a new piece of artwork (explanation below).

I had one more set of hooks, so I decided to attach one to the outside for larger bags or jackets. I ordered some baskets online that will fit in the top cubbies and can hold hats, gloves, etc. I may also add a pillow to the bench seat as well, which would have the added function of preventing the lid from banging against the back when you open it.

Back to the artwork. So, we were recently invited to a friend's wedding. One of my other friends from Bible study addressed all of the wedding invitations. When we got it in the mail, we were both blown away by how beautiful the lettering was. Due to privacy concerns, I am not including much of the address, so you will have to use your imagination (or check out my facebook if we are friends). Anyway, I picked up this frame from Target this weekend. I cut out just the address from the envelope, mounted it on some navy cardstock, and placed it in the frame. I really love the result, and it is a great keepsake of our first home.

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