Thursday, August 11, 2011

A tribute to tuba guy

These days, living in northern VA can be stressful, especially when you are driving. People around here seem to always be on the go, impatient and perhaps a little unfriendly. So, it is refreshing to see someone who doesn't fit the mold, who is upbeat and makes you laugh. Like tuba guy. J and I first noticed him when we moved to our new house. "Hey, have you noticed that guy playing the tuba and walking along the side of the road?" "Oh yea, I meant to say something earlier." Then, we started realizing that we were seeing him all the time. Actually, usually at least once per day. So I started waving. And he waved back. Now, every time I see him walking, playing his tuba, it makes my day. Just something so fun and fancy free about playing a tuba down a busy street.
Yes, that is him. He has a propeller on the front of his tuba and a VA license plate ("tuba") on the back. I wanted to see if anyone else had noticed tuba guy, so I googled him and found that I am certainly not the first to comment online. In fact, the Washington Post had an article on tuba guy. Hope this link brightens your day as much as mine.

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