Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My own pinterest challenge

If you follow blogs such as Young House Love or Bower Power, you may have heard of the Pinterest Challenge, which is something 4 DIY blogs cooked up based on the site Pinterest.com. Maybe you've never even heard of pinterest? You are missing out, my friend. I suggest you hop on that bandwagon. Anyway, the basic idea is to mimic an idea that you find through pinterest. I did that... with a twist.

This was my inspiration.

Which is in my To Do board.

I modified it to be in the color scheme that I did the canvas that I blogged about earlier (I think last post?). I decided to hand paint the canvas in multiple shades to give it a stained glass look. I used thin painting tape to make the lines nice and straight.

Again, I mixed with the navy and french blue acrylic paints with varying degrees of white. I also ended up painting the white lines due to the colored paints seeping across the line.

With the previous painting on the wall.

The dining room.

My mother in law gave me these plates that go well with my whole blue and white theme on the main floor. :)

I officially like having things on the wall in the dining room. Though I am still not wild about the wall color... But I am not sure what color I would paint it.


  1. Cathy! I LOVE this! I follow YHL, Bower Power, and what feels like a million other DIY/Crafty blogs and of course I am addicted to Pinterest! I have been dying to try this one, and yours looks amazing! I'll definitely have to give it a shot - you've given me the motivation!

    A trick to keep the color from bleeding under the tape - put the tape down, and then paint over the edges of it in white (or with clear mod podge to seal it down). Let that dry, then paint your blue or whatever color as normal, and pull up the tap. The white paint might bleed through, but you'll never see it, and acts as a seal for the other colors. Works great for painting stripes on walls and getting that crisp line!

    Your house is beautiful!

  2. Thanks Erin! I'm glad I gave you motivation and thanks for the tip - I wouldn't have thought of that - good to know if I ever decide to try stripes in one of our rooms. Hope all is well!