Saturday, March 21, 2015

Not a baby post... Finalized Basement Bar area

Guess what? This post is not about the baby! I know, hard to believe. So I realized recently that I neglected to tell you all about our basement bar area. Like, I just never filled you in past installing the cabinets. That was pretty rude of me.

Anyway, this project was finished sometime around when I was still throwing up all the time (which was the first 3/4 of my pregnancy, so it doesn't really narrow anything down). But I think it was around a year ago. Anyway, we had a professional install the countertop, which is Quartz. My dad helped to install the faucet (I believe J also helped) and the fridge. My dad also installed the quarter round at the bottom. The bottom trim still isn't quite right. There's a little piece that is missing. I'm actually not entirely sure what to do to fix it because (a) it's a small area and (b) we don't have the old trim and cannot find matching trim. So... I'm considering either putting in some quarter round or adding a frame type of trim to the whole thing. My folks still have my miter saw at the moment, so it probably won't be done too soon. However, I think it still looks nice as is. It's a huge improvement from where we started.

And as a reminder of where we started... 

I hope you all feel better that I finally concluded that little project (I know I feel better).

I'm hoping to get back into doing more house projects. I went down and organized our basement this week. It made me miss doing some of this stuff. It's just so hard to balance work plus baby plus a semi-social life plus hobbies. My hobbies have really suffered. But I also realize L is only little for a while and I will get more time for hobbies again. I did do a painting of L's silhouette. Since it has his full name, I may not share it, but it was fun to paint again.

Hope you are all having a good weekend. Everyone but me is sleeping at the moment. So, I'm just blogging with the window open while watching March Madness... So nice.


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