Sunday, March 15, 2015

7 months

Hello there! L is now 7 months old! Crazy right? I feel like the last month went by pretty fast, but it was also a shorter month, so... whatever.

I thought I would fill you in on what we have been up to.


Weight: around 20 pounds

Height: 27.25 inches (at 6 months)

Percentile: 77th for height and weight

Diaper size: currently in 3s, but my next order is for 4s. He's growing out of them like crazy.

Clothing size: He's still in 6-12 months, but it's getting pretty tight. 12 month size in Carter's seem to fit okay. Except pants. Carter's seems to be made for skinny babies, so Carter's pants are a problem for us. For his waist size, they are always too long. And it seems an assumption has been made about growth between 9 and 12 months. The legs in 12 months are really long, but the waist is not that much bigger. This has pretty much led to me abandoning Carter's for now because I can't get the pants above his thighs without a lot of difficulty. The clothes that fit him best right now are Hanna Anderson (size 70), but they are crazy expensive. Gap and Old Navy also seem to work pretty well. My most recent order was for 12-18 months, which I'm holding off on putting him in for now.

Milestones: Reaching and grabbing has really intensified in the past month. He's started lunging for objects he wants now. Just this morning, he was reaching for something and ended up on his tummy from sitting. He was not pleased. However, this seems to be predecessors of mobility. He still has not rolled back to tummy. I truly think he could because rolling him is quite easy, but I don't think he wants to do it. This morning, I finally saw him roll to the left instead of the right! I was super excited. J didn't really see why I was, but I thought it was cool that he could roll both directions. He can sit for as long as he wants. And rarely falls. He's getting better and better with eating off a spoon and recently figured out how to use a sippy cup. What really helped with that was finding one with a removable valve. I took out the valve so water could flow freely. It made a mess, but he figured out that water comes out. Now, he can use the normal ones pretty well.

Sleeping: Mostly been good. I've limited him to 3 naps a day, which has helped a lot with lengthening his naps. He's been waking up recently at night, but I think it's due to teething. Regardless, I'm tired. He's still loving his Zipadeezip. We moved into the mediums. And I have a sleepsack my mom made that I can use when the Zippy is in the wash.

Breastfeeding: We're weaning slowly. I'm down to feeding him from the source in the morning and pumping once at night. The transition from pumping 3x to 2x was no biggie, but getting down to just once was a little painful. I ended up alternating days with it (2x then 1x, etc), which helped. It may be a while before I cut out the night pumping, but I eventually will. I have time. Even with what I'm doing now, it's totally manageable. I'm sick of cleaning pump parts though.

Schedule: We finally have one! And it has made life so much easier! I love it. He naps 3x a day: 8:30, 12 and 3:30. He has a bottle at 11ish, 3ish and 7ish and then nurses at 7 am. Each of his bottles are between 6-7 oz, so I estimate he's getting between 24-28 oz/day. He eats breakfast and lunch after his morning and midday naps, and he has dinner with us around 6:15-6:30. Bedtime is 7:30 pm. He usually wakes around 6 am, but we don't really get up until 7. Sometimes, I bring him to bed with us for some morning cuddles. Or we give him the pacifier and let him chill (sometimes he falls back asleep). Recently, he's been waking once at night, but all we do is give him the pacifier. I have an app that charts his sleep (and everything else) and he averages around 14 hours/day (technically 13.7, but who's counting).

Last weekend, we had L baptized at our church. It was a really special weekend for us. Both J and my parents came. L wore an outfit my mom had made. He was so good for the service, except the loud music scared him.

Pictures from the past month:

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