Sunday, February 15, 2015

6 month update!

Okay... okay... It's been forever since my last update. L is now officially a half a year old! This time 6 months ago, we were in the hospital with our brand new baby boy. And now, he's peacefully asleep upstairs while J and I watch Harry Potter and drink hot toddys (man, it's cold out!). I seem to have some sort of cold at the moment, and I am just hoping L doesn't get it.

Let's see, I feel like quite a bit has happened since I last updated. L has developed quite a bit since I last wrote. Right before he turned 5 months old, he started rolling from tummy to back! It's been pretty cool. Although at this point, tummy time consists of me putting him on his tummy, he grabs a toy and rolls onto his back to play with it. I can't get him to do any substantial tummy time unless I block him from rolling (and then he cries). Oh well. He also only rolls to the right. He hasn't yet rolled back to tummy. Our pediatrician said it may take a while considering his "substantial mass." Haha. He's currently in the 77th percentile for both height and weight (27.25 inches and 19 pounds), and 98th percentile for head size. He has started grabbing and reaching with intention. He studies objects and toys, grasps them and hits them. He passes objects between his hands. He grabs his feet a lot. He has just started putting weight on his legs when he's held upright. Actually, he doesn't like this at all, but our pediatrician asked me to work on it with him. He blows raspberries, giggles a lot, and is getting more interactive every day. He sits up really well. Like, he can sit for 30 minutes plus on his own. He loves when I sing and dance.

Our nanny also started in early January and has been working out great. Our schedule is finally getting under control. I cut out his 4th nap and stretched out his wake times and he has been having one long nap a day (plus 2 short ones)! Yay! :) We transitioned him out of the swaddle and into the Zipadeezip and he has done really great. He loves his zippy and has slept really well. We are really blessed and lucky. We also started solids, which he is doing great with. He loves bananas. Like obsessed. But he's also doing well with peas, carrots, pears, oatmeal, sweet potatoes and avacado. We are currently doing 2 meals a day, but will increase to 3 soon. We made it to 6 months with breastfeeding! And... I may be about done. L's latch has always been bad, but lately it's gotten really quite painful. He's basically biting down on me all the time. Thankfully he doesn't have teeth. And he honestly seems to enjoy bottles. However, he is not a fan of formula. So, I'll probably work on weaning him soon-ish. Because I really don't want him to cut a tooth with his current latch. :( I'm really proud of us for making it this far, especially with the rough start that we had. I have a lot of mixed feelings about stopping... I feel a little guilty and I know I will miss it to some extent when/if we give it up. But, I think if we are to continue, I would need to go back to the lactation consultant and I'm just not sure it's something I feel that strongly about continuing... Plus, being a type A person, it somewhat drives me nuts that I don't really know how much he's getting. I don't know... we shall see. Every time I think I'm going to stop, I decide not to. I think I need to pray about it.

Okay, that's really all for now. Happy Valentine's and President's Day! Stay warm, friends.

Bonus pics.

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