Monday, June 23, 2014

The crib is finally here!

Hey guys! Guess what? Our baby's furniture (or at least the main two pieces of it) finally came in! You can picture me doing a happy dance. Actually, it came in last Tuesday, but we weren't able to assemble the crib until yesterday. Then, I managed to overdo myself and was way too tired to write this post last night (typical for me on weekends - I try to do too much).

Here is the assembled crib with the mattress we had purchased from Amazon. We have the mattress raised to the highest setting, which is the best for newborns. The crib and dresser are both from The Land of Nod (a Crate and Barrel company). The crib is made in the USA in North Carolina. I really liked that about it.

And here's the crib with the finished crib skirt! I love how it ties in with the curtains. I am thinking it will definitely need some hemming as the mattress is lower to the ground, but it is a perfect length for now.

I also hung some etsy artwork I purchased a few weeks ago. The frames are ikea frames to keep the cost down.

Better shot of the artwork. Some of the pictures are a little dark. I'll try and take some pictures when it's sunny out (for the final nursery reveal) so you can get a better idea for colors.

Here is our dresser/changing table area. The lamp will be switched out soon-ish. The puppy prints are also from an etsy seller. I was going to keep the theme all elephants, but J and I have a soft spot for puppies, and we couldn't resist (J helped pick out the artwork). I have been begging J to make a drawing for the baby room (he's quite a good artist). I'm still hoping. :)

Another shot of the dresser. The blankets are from my mom and J's mom and were used with us as babies. The basket is from our gender-reveal party (it held the cake pops), and I folded cloth diapers that my mom had given me from when I was a baby. We are not planning on cloth diapering (I don't have the patience for it), but cloth diapers apparently make great burp cloths (which is how my parents used them, too). So, I bleached those guys, and they look brand new!

More puppy prints. The mobile is laying in the crib. I was going to hang it yesterday, but I didn't end up getting what I needed at home depot to make it work, so it will have to wait a little.

I'm feeling relieved that our nursery is finally shaping up and looking like a nursery. It's pretty fun to put stuff away and get ready for baby. J and I are done our baby and childbirth classes now. I think we could have done without the childbirth one to be honest. It freaked me out more than helped I think. I am glad that I am delivering where I am. Apparently, it's one of the most advanced hospitals in the area for if something goes wrong, including a level 4 NICU (though I do hope we don't need that). I am still working on managing the gestational diabetes. I have good days and bad days. My dinner numbers seem to be the problem area. And I have more doctor's visits to schedule. The OB visits have now gone down to every two weeks. The end is near. When I went to my OB on Friday, they told me that I would not be going past 40 weeks, more likely 38-39 weeks due to the GD and my numbers being a bit on the high side (even when I am following the diet and feeling like I am not eating enough ever). So, it's looking more and more like early August is the time frame! There's more I could say, but I need to get moving on this Monday morning. Hope you all have a great week!

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