Monday, June 9, 2014

Crib Skirt

Hey everyone! First off, I wanted to say a huge thank you to the folks who gave me encouragement and reached out to me after my last post. I really, really appreciate the love and support and it has made this past week a little better. Also, thank you to everyone who made my birthday (29 weeks on my 29th birthday) so special. I received such wonderful and thoughtful things from friends and family and it really brightened my day. I have been so baby focused that I sort of wasn't thinking of my birthday, so it was really special to be remembered.

As promised, I finally finished the crib skirt. Of course, our crib still hasn't come in (don't get me started on how eager I am for it to get here), so I don't have any pictures on the crib, but I thought I would do a little tutorial. Basically, I assembled it in 3 pieces that can be tied to the crib and adjusted as the crib adjusts in height. I used 2 pieces of fabric: the same elephant print from the curtains and the coordinating solid gray (both from Premier Prints and ordered online through This is the longest panel. The elephant print was wide enough, but I had to sew the solid gray together to get the length. I used the measurements from the crib and added 2 inches to the tallest setting's height. The skirt can be tied and adjusted to fit multiple settings.

 Here's how I worked out the dimensions if you are curious. I allowed for a 2 inch hem on the bottom.

Each of the pieces was basically done the same way, so I'll do a step by step for a side panel. I cut my fabric to dimensions. I added 1-2 inches to the width to allow for a hem, and about an inch for the top hem.

I pinned right sides together to sew on the gray fabric.

Sewn and unfolded

I ironed the back side of the seam to make the edge look good.

I hemmed the bottom up 2 inches and the sides to the measurement I needed. I did 1/2 inch on one side and then marked my measurement on the other.

Close up of the seams (backside).

Last, I hemmed the top (again to my final measurement). The top hem isn't super important since it won't be seen under the mattress.

I then sewed ribbon ties on the top of each of the pieces. These will be used for securing it to the crib.

Finished product! I promise to have some more photos if we ever get this crib delivered!

I have been to my class for Gestational Diabetes and am working hard on following the diet. It takes more discipline than anything else. And the finger pricking is a bit tiresome. If you have diabetes, you are probably rolling your eyes at this. I'm sure it will become routine soon. I'm learning what foods spike my blood sugar and which foods I get good readings from. I meet back with the diabetes center this week, so we'll see how it goes. I'm now slightly past 30 weeks. Since they rarely let GD patients past their due date, I guess I can say less than 10 weeks left! I can definitely say I am 7 months pregnant at this point. Yay! I'm ready to be not pregnant (once it's safe for the baby, obviously), although I'm still scared of what's to come... But, it's going to be great! Anyway, that's all for now. I hope to have a furniture update soon!

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