Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Lake

Hello everyone! I am pleased to announce that this is the last of my travel posts for the summer! It has been quite the summer of adventures, and we are pretty excited to store those suitcases for a bit. Most of you are probably thinking that we should be sad to see our vacationing come to an end, but we have traveled for about 3 weeks in total this summer, which is kind of a long time to be away from home. And there is something to be said for the routine. (Although, I really wouldn't mind a stay-cation at this point).

Anyway, we left last Thursday evening to head up to my folks home. After staying the night and visiting with them the next morning, we made the rest of our trip up to NY to J's family's lake house. We were going up there for J's grandfather's 90th birthday. We have been going up to the lake every summer since we have been married (and J has been going there a lot more times than that). The weather was the warmest I have ever experienced at the lake. As a result, I had a pretty easy time getting into the water. It was quite nice.

J is the one swimming.

 The lake.

Hawk or small eagle. We couldn't tell.

J and I in front of the lake house.

J and his cousin out on floating chairs.

Taking the boat out.

We saw a beautiful sunset out on the boat.

The island. (Kind of reminds me of the Harry Potter island in this photo).

That night, we had a bonfire and made smores. The next day, we loaded everything up and headed over to the nursing home for the birthday celebration.

Grandpa got a new baseball hat.

Grandpa and his grandsons.

We had a great time up at the lake. It's hard to believe we made it to the end of our trips (and that it's almost August! Where has the time gone?) I'm looking forward to getting back in the swing of things with house projects. I need to make some lists. Hope you all had a great weekend!

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