Sunday, July 7, 2013

4th of July in Boston: M and J's wedding

Hi everyone! J and I are back from traveling, yet again. This time, we were in Boston for some very dear friends of our's wedding. We have been looking forward to this wedding for quite some time. J was a groomsman, which made it extra fun for the 2 of us as we were involved in the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, etc.

J arrived on Wednesday so that he could be part of the bachelor party activities. They went ATV-ing. I think I needed a hazmat suit when I was cleaning his clothes today. I had to run them through the wash twice because the first time through the water was brown with mud. Gross. But apparently they had a wonderful time riding the ATVs through the mud, going to dinner and out afterwards.

I joined J on Thursday (the 4th) for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. The wedding was at Marsh Chapel on Boston University's campus. It was a very pretty setting.

Here are some photos of the rehearsal. I read the prayers, so I got to be involved as well. :) Sorry for the lighting in these photos. My camera doesn't do great (or I don't know how to handle) low light photos.

After the rehearsal, we had an awesome rehearsal dinner at Legal Sea Foods downtown. And then caught the Boston fireworks out by Copley square. After fireworks, I headed back to the hotel and J went out for a little, but mostly had an earlier night.

The wedding was Friday. The sun was shining and it was hot. But we all dealt with it pretty well.

Blurry photo of J


Mr. and Mrs.!!

Me and my handsome groomsman :)

Girls: friend from college. I meant to take more photos of our friends, but it didn't really happen. We all were having too much fun, I guess.

This is by far my favorite photo that I took. They are both so happy. :)

I actually managed to get a video of their first dance, which was pretty awesome. After this, my photos ended because we were up dancing pretty much the whole night. We had a great time with our close friends as well as the happy couple! We are pretty wiped out, but had a great weekend.

Congrats to J and M!!

On Saturday, J went on a trolley photo tour with the wedding party while I recuperated a little. We then had an early dinner in Little Italy and went to bed early so we could catch our plane this morning. Good times in Boston!

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