Monday, October 15, 2012

The Biltmore

Okay... so I have now covered the wedding. After the wedding, we drove over to Asheville, NC. We drove directly to the Biltmore because we had purchased tickets for Friday.

For those unfamiliar, the Biltmore was the estate of the Vanderbilt family (built by George Vanderbilt). A quick google search can probably provide a bunch more info on the family if you are interested.

Here are some of our photos. The Biltmore was definitely a lot of fun to tour and not too terribly crowded (but it wasn't yet the weekend).

The house.

The surrounding landscape. The Vanderbilts had excellent views of the surrounding countryside.

On the "patio".

Strike a pose!

We couldn't take any photos inside the house. However, the library was probably our favorite room. There was also a billiards room that J liked. The house also had an indoor swimming pool, which is very unusual for its time.

I loved how the trees were woven into the patio (obviously not original to the house, but still neat).

More views.


The gardens were absolutely breathtaking!

I have never seen so many mums in one place before. The colors were spectacular.

J even took time to smell the roses.

Cool fountain.

Turtle fountain!

After touring the house, we went over to the area with the farm and winery. We ate at Cedric's and then walked around the farm. J went to see the animals with all the little kids. We have no idea how this chicken got up there.

The vegetable gardens.

This horse (Bert) kept giving me the stink eye.

The winery area. We got a complimentary wine tasting with our admission. The reserve Chardonnay was our favorite of the wines we tried. After the winery, we were both pretty tired and it was getting late, so we drove to our B&B in town.

More on that later....

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