Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Happy Autumn!

Almost caught up on this blog post catch up.

This past Saturday, I went with some friends to a pumpkin patch to pick our own pumpkins! It was a good time and the countryside was so pretty.

We then brought them back and carved pumpkins. The boys joined in on the fun. J did Jack Skellington (on left) from nightmare before Christmas. I did the leaves using a cookie cutter (third from the right). The other girls did the normal jack-o-lanterns and our other friend did the bear (finished later at home).

Here are the girls with our pumpkins. We were going to get a picture of the guys with theirs, but forgot to.

We then had a fun time grilling out, playing games and watched a movie. Fun times. On Sunday, we lit our pumpkins on the front stoop. I also roasted the pumpkin seed for church and work (Mix seeds with oil, salt and soy sauce, bake at 250 for 45 minutes on a cookie sheet).

Happy Halloween (almost)!

On a totally unrelated note, I ran across this gif today and could not stop laughing. (Don't think I am too weird).

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