Sunday, October 14, 2012

10.11.12... Wedding!

Hi everyone! J and I are back from a trip to North Carolina. I'm probably going to break this trip up into several posts to cover what all we were up to. First off, very good friends of ours were married on 10.11.12 (Thursday).

The wedding was held at a quarry close to Charlotte in the evening.

Before the ceremony, we got some good photos of us and some of our friends.

All ready to get started.

Some of the ladies.

Gui and his bride. :)

The ceremony.

Unity candle.

Man and wife!

The reception was held next to the ceremony. In case it's not coming across in these photos, it was cold that night. In the 40s cold. Luckily, they lit a fire once the sun set and I changed into tights and started wearing J's coat (as well as my own). :) However, the scenery was just gorgeous. I loved how they integrated fall themes on the tables with the orange and purple flowers.

The bridal party getting ready for photos.

The cake! Yum! I loved the lanterns and flowers.

Gui's mom handmade these Brazilian candies. They were awesome.

First dance.

How cool is the bride's ring? I thought it was so unique.

Cake cutting.

Father-daughter dancing.

And that's the end of the pictures I took. I was busy dancing with J or chilling by the fire. At the end of the night, we lit paper lanterns (like the movie, Tangled) which was really neat. We had a really great time and wish the bride and groom all the happiness in the world. :)

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