Sunday, September 9, 2012

Odds and Ends

This week was choc' full of randomness. Let's start with this past Monday (aka Labor Day). We were looking at rugs at, after being inspired from this post from Centsational Girl. This one was on sale on Monday with free shipping! I have been meaning to get a rug for the family room since we moved in, and I finally got the guts to go through with it. I also got a rug pad to go underneath. But the rug pas was a little too big.

So, I had to cut it down.

Not bad for a rug under $100 (on sale), right?

Somehow the colors fit perfectly with our existing scheme in the room. I was pleasantly surprised about the results.

This past Friday, my friend, Jen, and I went to Brush-N-Blush in Georgetown. It was a great time. It is basically a 3 hour step-by-step through a painting. We did one of DC (supposedly Starry Night inspired). You'll notice through these pictures how perfectly Jen's turned out, and how mine looks like candyland in the night sky.

But I still like it! We had a great time doing this.

And I hung the finished masterpiece today. I would like to DIY frame it at some point, but really need a better saw to get the job done.

I moved the artwork that was there (that I thought was a little too small for the space) up to our upstairs hallway. That also fixes the problem of needing artwork in that space. (And yes, J did the drawing. Isn't it awesome? For the record - it's way nicer than my artwork.)

I also added my Anthro owl hook (that was in the powder room before we re-did it) to the guest bathroom. I thought it was a nice touch to the gray and yellow bathroom.

That's all for now!


  1. Love that you made it to Brush N Blush!! Wasn't it such a fun, totally different than anything, experience??! Your painting turned out great! I'm so excited to read this article on it :-)

  2. Hey Courtney! Yes - it was awesome! I miss hanging out with you girls!