Saturday, September 29, 2012

Falling into Autumn

I freaking love fall. I always have. It's the season J and I met. It's the season in which J and I got married (6 years later). It's oranges and reds. Cooler weather. Apples. Pumpkins. Hot chocolate. Comfy sweaters. Coffee and a good book. Hiking. Changing colors. When I was a kid, I loved fall because it was the beginning of a new year (school year). Everything was fresh and the world was bright with possibilities. It was also Nutcracker season (I danced. A lot.), which was always a lot of fun. This week, it finally started feeling a little cooler and more like fall. I could start wearing some of my fall clothes (btw - I am loving the colors in stores this season). And so, I started decorating our house a little bit more for autumn.

I actually started last Sunday. Our front yard was looking a little shabby. The summer had been quite dry and the impatiens and lilies were dried out and wilted.


Step 1: clear out the old stuff.

Step 2: Plant the mums.

Step 3: Make a wreath. This was the one I hastily put together last Thanksgiving. I decided to update it a little.

I basically cut and glued various fall decorations I had around the house.

And voila!

Step 4: Put it all together.

By this point, the mums were blooming!

Step 6: Add fall decor to the dining room.

I'll be adding gourds and pumpkins as the season progresses. Happy fall! 

And now, a random story if you are still reading. So, this morning, J had decided to go on a run, and I was doing errands, cleaning, etc. I heard a knock on the door and went downstairs. Another republican asking if I will take a survey. We have already encountered 2 guys before. Normally, I say no. I am not really a fan of door to door anything. Except girl scout cookies (although I'm not sure girl scouts do that anymore). However, this woman said she also lived in the neighborhood, and I really try to be nice to my neighbors. Let me set the scene a bit better. It was probably around noon (maybe a little after). I was still in my PJs, glasses, and hadn't brushed my hair. So, I was making a great impression to begin with. Here's how it went down (my thoughts in parentheses): 

Woman: Hi! I'm from the neighborhood and am with the republican something or other. Would you mind taking a quick survey? 
Me: Ummm... (not really) I guess that would be okay. 
Woman: If the election were held today, would you vote for Obama or Romney?
Me: Umm... I'm not really sure. 
Woman: Okay, if the election were held today would you vote for democrat senate person or republican senate person? 
Me: I haven't really decided. 
Woman: Same for house race? 
Me: Yup. 
Woman: So, would you want to put a Romney political sign up in your front yard? 
Me: (What?!? Seriously? I just told you I'm an undecided voter! Oh but, yes, I definitely would like to advertise for a political candidate! Can I have an Obama one too?! And a blank one so I can just write a random name on it?) Looking aghast and shaking head... No, no, definitely not. 
Woman: Do you need information about absentee voting? 
Me: (Oh no. She thinks I'm in college. Respectable adults don't look like this at noon on Saturdays. I've really made a great first impression on this neighbor). No, I'm registered to vote here. 

If they come again, I shall start coming up with wittier answers. *Sigh*... Only one more month of this political bombardment. (For the record, I don't like voicing my political opinions. It doesn't mean I don't have them. I vote and research my vote. And then I don't really discuss it, especially with strangers).  

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