Saturday, September 22, 2012

Boston Part 2 and Some Nearby Hiking

Hi again! I am back from Massachusetts (The spirit of Massachusetts is the spirit of America, the spirit of what's old and what's new... If you happen to get that reference - rest assured - I don't actually like that show. I just get the song stuck in my head whenever I think of Mass). Anyway, I had a really great trip, but it is sooo nice to be home. This trip was actually the longest J and I have been apart since I was in grad school. So, here are a few of my remaining Boston photos.

We grabbed lunch at Max Brenner one day. The hot chocolate was amazing!

Here are some photos from the Boston library. It is absolutely beautiful.

Intricate ceiling work.

Turtle lamp.

Isn't this gorgeous? Looks like it could be in a movie.

Pictures from Little Italy. This is Mike's Pastry - famous for its cannolis. However, I personally loved the Italian macroons they had. Yum!

Inside Mike's.

On the last day, we went over to MIT's campus. I had never seen it, so I wanted to check it out (and buy a t-shirt or two). We then walked back over the bridge to Boston. The bridge offered some awesome views of the city.

And also was neat because distance markers were in Smoots. The explanation of a Smoot can be found here. I also liked this little gem painted on the bridge. I felt that way about grad school too... haha.

I took this as we were flying over Boston. Isn't it pretty? I also think I happened to go at the exact right time. The weather was impeccable the whole time.

I spent most of yesterday getting my stuff back in order and doing some work (that that you needed to know all that). Today, J and I decided to go on a local hike. We went to Manasses Battlefield Park and did a 5.3 mile loop. To be honest, I'm pretty tired at the moment. But it was a good hike. It was perhaps a little warm, but still good times. The trail was full of great views of civi war history. And beautiful fields.

We loved how these fields looked almost purple.

The hike was great but somewhat killed my productivity this afternoon. We have been pretty wiped out since. I did manage to actually cook this weekend (which seems to never happen), so that was good. I'll have more house related stuff for you all soon as I get back into the swing of things.

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