Tuesday, July 3, 2012


So, like most of the metro DC area, we lost power this past weekend due to the crazy storm that came through on Friday night. The lights flickered and then were out for the long haul. At first, we thought that we would be back to normal by Saturday morning, but that was not to be. So, we high-tailed it out of our area and spent the day with my bff, and then later met up with more of our friends Saturday evening. It ended up being quite a fun time. By the time we returned home on Sunday morning, we had power again. However, it had just returned, which meant that most everything in the fridge and freezer was bad. So, we went through and cleared most things out. You can actually remove the shelves of your refrigerator, so I washed all the drawers and shelves until the whole thing was nice and clean. Since we had not done this at all in our house, it was definitely time for it. After that, we went to the grocery, and had a fairly stocked fridge again. It will probably take a few trips to get everything we need again.

I also picked up a parsley plant as I have been kind of into them lately.

Oh, and I finally planted the "babies" from our spider plant.

When a spider plant is fully mature, these little babies hang off the end of big shoots that grow out of them. You basically cut them off, put them in water to let them mature a little, gather them up and plant them in a new pot (as seen above). I hope the new planting does well!

I also decided to revise my earlier tile hanging mechanism from ribbon held by hot glue gun adhesive to an epoxy and string configuration. I did that because hot glue gun glue tends to lessen its holding ability in high heat, which I didn't think we would have inside the house (wrong). Epoxy will work for the long haul. You can get it at Home Depot.

Now, for arts and crafts! My dad gave me some of his old punchcards to add to my nerdy artwork collection. I debated for a while about how to use them, but then, I had an epiphany.

Wait for it...

First, I glued his U. Del. punchcard to cardboard paper.

Then used my "Hello World!\n" cutout from the pink punchcards to complete the look.

Maybe you are wondering about why I would frame, "Hello World!"? In computer programming circles it is a well known test program as explained by the wiki page. Anyway, I am actually really happy with the completed look. It is a welcome addition to my desk wall.

To those of you still without power, I hope you get yours back soon!

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