Saturday, March 17, 2012


Spring has definitely sprung here, and the trees and flowers all seem to be in bloom. My life has been mimicking the renewal of spring, as I have just this week accepted a new job. Since this has been my first job transition, it has been pretty hard to make the decision and to actually leave my first job. Some people are so fed up with their job when they leave that it is a completely happy experience to put in that 2 weeks notice. I confess this has not been the case for me. I really enjoyed my time at this job (although I obviously have many reasons for leaving too) and I am stepping into the unknown. I am both scared and sentimental. However, deep down, I still know it is the right decision. I'm looking forward to being challenged and for a change of pace. J also continuously reminds me that I have a bad case of graduation goggles, as described in HIMYM's the Exploding Meatball Sub episode. (I considered embedding the scene into the blog, but I couldn't find it online, and didn't want to go through the effort of ripping the episode from the DVD, parsing the out the part I was interested in, violating copyright, and posting it here - I hope you understand). It basically describes that as you are leaving a place, even if you hated it while you were there, you suddenly get really sentimental once it becomes real. I'm going to say that graduation goggles explain my spontaneous weeping over the past week. I think after this next week (aka my final week), my emotions will change back to the incredible excitement I felt when I got the job offer. Anyway, we shall see how it all turns out... 

These are some pictures of the trees in back of the house. Aren't they looking beautiful? This is our first bloom with us in the house.

After we went on a run today, J and I cleaned up the front a little. Here are some before pictures. Notice the weeds and the leaves.

And here it is after. We do need to get some flowers planted and put down some mulch, but we will get there eventually.

In the midst of this crazy week I have been having, I did get the change to tackle an art project. I found this idea here, and I thought it would be a good addition to our master bedroom. Basically, I wanted to make silhouette artwork. I started with this picture from our wedding. 

I then enlarged both of our profiles, and printed them out. 

And used modge podge to glue them onto some canvases.

And making sure they dried flat.

I then cut thin strips of construction paper and glued them to the edge of the canvas. Please ignore the horribly chipping paint on my nails.

Here is the finished product, drying on the table. I didn't mean to have us facing away from each other in this photo.

I then attached ribbons to the back of the canvas and hung them up using the ribbons. 

I think they look pretty cute, but we will see if I change my mind down the road on these. 

And before I forget, Happy St. Patty's Day! J and I spent most of the day doing some car shopping. :) More on that one later... 

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